My journey to connect with purpose and passion.

3 Things I Wish I Had Learned Earlier

1. It is your duty to not have it all figured out.

Often, meeting someone new starts with a question. What do you do? Or, for those in University, what is your major?

The person asking the question is pushing an agenda, whether they mean to or not. They want their social standing validated. They spent years of effort and sacrifice in order to live lacklustre, if comfortable, lives. They collect titles like trophies and display them proudly.

For those of us who don’t have it all figured out, we sense the social pressure that comes with these simple questions. We are supposed to pin a label haphazardly to our chest, so that others in our community can judge the value we bring.

But what if we just quit our job and no longer have a valid title? Or what if we are thinking of changing majors, or even dropping out of school?

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