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Taking the Leap! Episode 13: How to Hate Writing Less with Ann Handley

Show Notes

I am totally an adult-onset writer and Ann Handley's Everybody Writes totally turned my life around. I went from being deathly afraid of writing to actually writing and releasing my first book. Ann Handley's book made this totally possible for me. As artists, we have to learn how to market ourselves and our work and this often means writing – whether thats product listings, websites, scripts, brochures and more.



Everybody Writes, by Ann Handley, Wiley - the book! - the woman! – beer koozies and more.,, – tools to take a verbal vomit draft and turn it into a word document.

The Music!

I fell in love with the Hollywood Drunks months ago but I kept waiting for a guest and topic where their hysterical lyrics and crazy style would be a fit. And then Ms. Handley's episode came into my queue and I just knew this was their time. You can find the Hollywood Drunks on iTunes, Magnatune and their website.

You heard:
You're Right by the Hollywood Drunks from their Swell album.
That Age by the Hollywood Drunks from their Swell album.


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