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Taking the Leap! Episode 12: Experiencing and Facing Grief with Laura Packer

Show Notes

This week I am speaking to Laura Packer about experiencing and facing soul-crushing grief. We recorded this a few months before the one year anniversary of the loss of her soul-mate and husband Kevin. A date that just passed the week before this post went live.

I first came across Laura’s writing when I read a post on her blog about what not to say to someone who is grieving. I began to follow her on her journey and I can't thank her enough for being so open to sharing her vulnerability, wisdom and love with me.

Laura Packer References

Laura Packer: storyteller, writer, real-time dreamer

True Stories, Honest Lies: her soulfully addictive blog

Listening to the Story of Grief: Her post on the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation with tips on what to say to someone who is grieving.

A picture of Kevin and Laura.

The Music!

I had been listening to Robin Stine for a few weeks now and I felt she was the perfect fit for this episode. She weaves love and melancholy together so flawlessly. You can find her on iTunesMagnatune, and her website.

You heard:
Half My Heart by Robin Stine from her Daydream album.
For Me by Robin Stine from her Daydream album.

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