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Taking the Leap! Episode 11: Giving Ourselves Permission to Fail with Eric Portelance

What a joy to have Eric Portelance in front of a microphone again. We used to host Attention Surplus together and I was so excited to learn about his latest epic leap. We discuss what it feels like to announce our purpose to the world, how people respond and finding the courage to find and pursue our craft.

Please note that there is some swearing in today's show.

Show Notes

Eric Portelance References

Halo Brewery

Other Mentions

Paul Isakson

Jon Wilkening

The Music!

I loved the passionate fusion of world and contemporary grooves from California-based To Life! You can find them on iTunes, Magnatune, and on their awesome website.

You heard:
Tasabasaba by To Life! from the Tasabasaba album.
Calling of the Tribes by To Life! from the Tasabasaba album.

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