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Where the F is Sean?

I have been quite scarce in the digital realm of late. My podcast is past due. The blog hasn't been updated. I'm drowning in a high tide of to-be-done tasks.

Just over a week ago, my computer failed. It had been acting up and I was attempting to track down the problem when it decided it was game over. I could have dealt with this in stride. After all, a new computer can be exciting. It was when my RAID drive that houses over 57,000 of my photos also decided to melt down that I knew I was in trouble.

I am just now getting back to the tasks at hand. I'm a bit behind but relieved that I didn't lose any client files. There was a moment when I wondered if the unthinkable had happened and I would have to tell a client their files were gone. My heart goes cold even contemplating this.

I'd like to point out that I have a pretty intense, even super-crazy-awesome, backup strategy. And yet, I almost lost data that couldn't be replaced. So I've revised my backup plan moving into 2015 and I thought I would share my new and revised Fort Knox backup plan with anyone who was interested.

So this goes out to all the geeks or anyone that wants to protect their reputation as a professional.

UPDATE: I had a great conversation on Twitter with the man behind SuperDuper, Dave Nanian (@dnanian). Not all RAIDs are equal. Beware of striping (RAID 0). It is a method of increasing performance from your disks that actually puts you MORE at risk of data loss in the event of a drive failure. PC World has an article titled RAID Made Easy for anyone wanting to learn more.

Now on to my story below!

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