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Taking the Leap! Episode 7: Brooke Shaden on Creativity, Community and Castles in the Air

I had decided to walk away from photography, but I had these tickets to attend After Dark in St. Louis. This would be my last hurrah. Or so I thought until I met Brooke Shaden. She showed me that fine art photography was within my reach. Over those three days, she would show me how to create some amazing images. I am far from alone when I say that Brooke Shaden changed my life. She has a community of hundreds of thousands who would likely chime in with similar stories. 

Note that this was recorded in December of 2014. When we refer to next year, we are speaking of this year (2015).

Show Notes

Brooke Shaden References

Inspiration in Photography by Brooke Shaden, her truly inspiring photography book. where you can see her work, learn about her workshops and more. is a truly inspiring video blog. A must follow!

WEEK 50: CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET The "How do I get Followers?" post we spoke of.

Below is the video from on top of the volcano that we discuss. At the end, she shows you how she sets about creating what I consider to be one of her finest images yet.


Mesmerizing Tunes

The music in today's episode is by Kyan. What an amazing artist and so kind to let us use his music. Check him out and grab his CD! I'm loving it! You can find his music on SoundcloudiTunes, YouTube and his website.

Cold Friend, Kyan, from the Days in a Triangle - EP album
Days in a Triangle, Kyan, from the Days in a Triangle - EP album

Here is a sneak peak at his stunning track, Rosetta.

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