Live Edge Emulsion Prints

Fine art prints and one-of-a-kind emulsion transfers onto reclaimed lumber pieces

The Horse - One of a Kind - Woodprint

The Horse - One of a Kind - Woodprint


Emulsion transfer onto kiln-dried, reclaimed lumber.
Epoxy resin coating with archival UV protectant.
Indoor only, best not to place in direct sunlight.
One of a kind. Signed. Ontario Wood.
19.5" x 12" x 1"
Ready to hang
2014. Took 8 days to create.

I had this piece of wood for quite some time. I saw the eye in the knot early on, but I struggled to find the rest of the figure until one day I turned the piece vertically and there was the horse. I hurried to my computer and pulled up some shots I had taken in Maryland when visiting a dear friend. I had stood in the pasture with this very curious horse. We grew to be friends. Mainly because I snuck him treats from the barn.

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Every wood print starts with finding the right piece of wood. I sit with the wood for quite some time until an image begins to appear. I then set to making the emulsion transfer. It can take me days of printing, transferring, sanding and re-applying until I get what I saw in the piece of wood to meld with the image that is its match. The result is a piece that can never be created again.