Live Edge Emulsion Prints

Fine art prints and one-of-a-kind emulsion transfers onto reclaimed lumber pieces

The Golden Gate - One of a Kind - Woodprint

The Golden Gate - One of a Kind - Woodprint


Emulsion transfer onto kiln-dried, reclaimed lumber.
Acrylic glaze. Museum standard UV protectant.
Indoor only, best not to place in direct sunlight.
One of a kind. Signed.
13" x 5" x 1.5"
Ready to hang

The Golden Gate bridge has always had a special place in my heart. It is one of the last places my Dad and I travelled to together. I was having a really tough day dealing with my partner at the time. We had stopped to stand on the hill on the North side overlooking the harbor. He nodded and just stood with me until he said "It's hard living with another human being sometimes." Those words have never left me.

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Every wood print starts with finding the right piece of wood. I sit with the wood for quite some time until an image begins to appear. I then set to making the emulsion transfer. It can take me days of printing, transferring, sanding and re-applying until I get what I saw in the piece of wood to meld with the image that is its match. The result is a piece that can never be created again.