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Fine art prints and one-of-a-kind emulsion transfers onto reclaimed lumber pieces

Mt Diablo, Flipped - One of a Kind - Woodprint

Mt Diablo, Flipped - One of a Kind - Woodprint


Emulsion transfer onto kiln-dried, Ontario Ash.
Epoxy resin coating with archival UV protectant.
Indoor only, best not to place in direct sunlight.
One of a kind. Signed. Ontario Wood.
12" x 10" x 1"
Ready to hang


I asked my friend to take me somewhere with a mountain. Being amazing and up for anything, she agreed. The next morning saw us up before dawn and driving out of Berkeley and towards Mt. Diablo. Aside from a single cyclist intent on killing himself in the heat, we were alone as we wandered slowly up the mountain. At the slightest gesture, we would pull the car off the road and wander off with our cameras. We had been hiking in separate directions for quite some time when we both found ourselves on the same fire road taking the same photo. This was one of those days of endless sunshine, comfort being in silence and lots of smiles.


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