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A Magical Touch to My Book, Creators 2.0

The image above shows what my book would have looked like if I had designed it myself.

Below you can see the magical touch of Ms. Jacquelyn Tierney. 

I will forever admire and be thankful for Jacquelyn's compassion and skill, but it is her gumption that I am in debt to. Without it, this book may never have existed. 

I was so scared of this project that I allowed myself to be distracted to the point of actually forgetting I was even working on a book. Below is an excerpt from Creators 2.0 where I speak of this.

It had been weeks with no movement, not one word written. That’s when I realized that Resistance was at work. I was going to have to fight to make this book happen, but the fact that this was a requirement meant that this was indeed the direction I needed to head in.
Before I went to bed that night, I set my alarm for 5 a.m. and grabbed my phone to message a lovely and insanely talented designer named Jacquelyn Tierney. I asked her to design this book, point blank. I knew that I wanted her to design it, and more importantly, I knew she would move it forward without even knowing the particulars. Most designers would want to work out a budget or some of the parameters. Jacquelyn got it right away. She gave me a date to have the draft in her hands so she could start the work. 
The next morning I didn’t shut off the alarm and go back to bed as I had done every morning for the past three weeks. I had a deadline. Resistance had given me a very clear sign, so I turned my ship into the strongest wind and urged my crew forward.

If you are looking for an AMAZING designer and partner for your project, look no further than Jacquelyn Tierney.