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The Craft of Deep Work

Craft and Craftsmanship may be the most maligned and misunderstood concepts of the 21st century.

Which is strange, as we love to idolize craftsmanship. Wood chips fly and the camera pans slowly across the cluttered workshop as the artist bends over a worktable, lost in their work. We admire these individuals. They have a calm gravitas about them and seem to understand something about their place in the world that we can’t quite attain or grasp.

But it is not for us. Craftsmanship is for those strange souls who have endless hours to devote to these ancient, superficial arts. After all, how many lathed pepper shakers do we need?

We have our jobs.

Only many of us harbour a deep secret; our job is no longer enough. We yearn for deep and meaningful work.

“Whether you approach the activity of going deep from the perspective of neuroscience, psychology or lofty philosophy, these paths all seem to lead back to a connection between depth and meaning. It’s as if our species has evolved into one that flourishes in depth and wallows in shallowness.” — Cal Newport, Deep Work. Grand Central Publishing, 2016.

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