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Taking the Leap! Episode 18 with Ramey Barnett on Quittirement and Taking Control of Our Lives

Show Notes:

Ramey Barnett is one of the smartest, funniest and most fiery people I know. But I was still floored when she and her wife quit their jobs and took a year to find themselves. The year is up and they are not going back. We talk about courage, their journey and how they took control of their lives.

Language advisory: There is some swearing in the music in today's show.

Ramey's stunning blog:

Ramey's Instagram

And her kick-ass Get Your Finances In Order spreadsheet

The Music

Ramey was a little worried about the music I would choose for her episode. I hope I did her proud! This is Icicle and their music can be found on Bandcamp, Magantune and iTunes.

My Contribution to Society by Icicle from their Resurgence album.
The Light That Made Me Blind by Icicle from their Resurgence album.
Catch Me by Icicle from their Resurgence album.


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