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My Doses of Inspiration #1

I thought I would share a few of my favourite doses of inspiration that I receive on a daily or weekly basis. I couldn't pick which ones to share, so this will be an ongoing series of posts.

Fred of FredCharlesArt posts an offbeat and often humourous sticky note sketch to brighten each of my days. One of my favourite Instagram feeds. It's also an AWESOME idea for how an artist can create content every day, build an audience and improve their craft all in one go!



Hands down the most inspiring and insightful newsletter on the Internet. Insane quotations, deep insights and more. If there is one problem with Maria Popova's Brain Pickings it's that my Amazon wish list is now out of control! Every email sees me scrambling to add more books to my list.


Jon Wilkening's Monday Morning Dispatches make my week. If I had any complaint with his newsletter, it was that he doesn't include a link to the stunning music that he posts with each dispatch on his website. So be sure to check out the Creative Journal page on his website every Monday. The links and the music inspire me to attack my week with vigor and attitude.


What inspires you every week? Please share with me!