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The Drive to St Louis

My friend Stephen and I are on an epic drive to St Louis to attend the 2014 After Dark conference.

It was inspiring to see the number of windmills along the highway and to learn that Denmark has surpassed total grid demand with its wind generation capabilities. Germany also announced that it has achieved 35% of it's demand through wind generation.


But the most interesting part of our journey was arriving in Detroit. Much to Stephen's chagrin, I immediately diverted us from his GPS roadplan and drove into downtown Detroit. I ended up in the Eastern Market area. A pair of derelict tenement buildings had caught my eye.

What was far more exciting was locating a bicycle event at Shed 2 of the revitalized Market area. The place was jumping with food trucks, couriers, hippies, a bicycle powered beer brewery and more. We hung out for an hour and ate some tofu burritors that were out of this world while we settled in to watch the races. It turns out they didn't have a permit and had just blocked off the street. I think I fell in love with this city on this cold but sunny day.

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