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Taking the Leap! Episode 5: Emerging from Darkness with the Stunning Anne Marie Talon!

[Photo credit: Candice Rose Knutson of  ]

[Photo credit: Candice Rose Knutson of]

Anne Marie Talon is a force of nature. To speak with her is to be moved. She keeps much of her work secret and hidden from the world but the flashes I get to see cause my heart to leap.We explore the myths of being an artist and her battles with depression.

Show Notes

References for all things Anne Marie!

Don't Follow Your Dreams - an amazing newsletter and story from Anne Marie

Hyperbole and a Half on Depression

Parker J. Palmer on Depression

Workshop Items

Resilience Bridge Building, An amazing PDF by Anne Marie Talon

Music to Move Your Soul

George Ogilvie on BandCamp and SoundCloud and iTunes

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