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Taking the Leap - Episode 2: Failure, Authenticity and the Scarcity Mindset with Dave Conrey from Fresh Rag

Dave Conrey is both a friend and mentor and I can't thank him enough for what he's enabled in my life let alone for being the first person in the hot seat on Taking the Leap!

If you create (or yearn to create) things in this world, your world will start changing by simply following Dave on and listening to The Fresh Rag Show. I'm speaking from experience here.

Show Notes

Books Mentioned

Selling Art Online by Dave Conrey

Life After Christmas by Dave Conrey

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income podcast

Music To Move Your Soul!

Salmon Arms (Acoustic), Kashka, from the album Bones EP

Prophet (Acoustic), Kashka, from the album Bones EP

Please support Kashka using the links above. It is stunning music and totally available for pay what you want on!

Workshop Items

The Business Gauntlet Worksheet (PDF)


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