My journey to connect with purpose and passion.

An epic storm of change blows through

I was drawn to the waterfront at dusk to watch a small winter front moving in, bringing the first icy rain with it. I stood there for some time. Just me, my camera and Ms. Mae as the darkness and the storm took over. I realized that I am connected to storms on many levels.

I build change up around me, stacking catalyst upon catalyst until it breaks like a storm, pummelling down on me with all of its cathartic power.

Each blast of icy wind causes new emotions to burst forward. Some are of elation. Others are of soft regret or loss. Both leave me standing in an epicentre of destruction and renewal.

Meeting new people.

Contract terminated.

Closing a business.

Launching a business.

A new podcast.

Exploring what's next.

There is something cleansing about a good, fierce storm. I always leave the beach more at peace than when I arrived.

Sean HowardComment