Sean Howard: A Short Bio

Sean's professional journey has been an unusual one. He has been a juggler, a 3D artist, a programmer, a dog trainer, a digital strategist, a gaffer, a brand consultant and more. He has built digital strategy teams for top ten agencies and worked with some of the largest brands in Canada.

Today he is a fine art photographer, co-founder of a for-benefit branding firm called The Connected Brand, and a digital consultant. 

Sean is also an author, the host and creator of Taking the Leap! and a professional speaker. He believes that the search for purpose unites all creators and that we are on a shared journey to unearth what truly matters for each of us.

Sean loves meeting passionate people with compelling projects. So if you have something heartfelt and interesting brewing, give him a shout!

Twitter: @passitalong
Facebook: /seanhowardphotography
Instagram: /passitalong
Podcast: iTunes | Stitcher
Book: Creators 2.0: How to find your purpose, build sustainable growth and change the world

Photo by Rannie Turigan

Photo by Rannie Turigan