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Creators 2.0: How to Find Your Purpose, Build Sustainable Growth and Change the World

I believe that it is possible to build a rewarding and sustainable life as a creator. But it requires us to think differently about branding, marketing and our calling. It's not enough to just create amazing work. We have to find and build our tribe.

This book is written for artists, writers, musicians, artists, craftspeople and anyone who wishes to create something wonderful and sustainable. I show how to get a handle on our true talents, find our purpose and invest in our future self. It's time to stop mindlessly promoting our work and start building a community that will sustain us.

"This book was an inspiring reminder that the pilot light to our creative selves never really goes out."
– N. Sark

"I printed off every damn page of this book and I will use it as a light to my path when the days get rough or I feel like I am losing my way." – Mandy Ross.

"Creators 2.0 is all about creating from the heart in a way that serves a higher calling that leaves the world a better place." – Deb Ozarko

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What people are saying.

As I read Sean Howard’s book “Creators 2.0” one word kept returning to my mind: companion. This book is a companion for those who struggle to create, structured around perennial questions and also uniquely modern dilemmas. But it is also a companion in a deeper sense, with its genuine concern and affection for those on an artistic path. This book does not shy away from the doubts and difficulties artists face, and, though it offers many interesting perspectives, it presents no easy answers. But through it all Sean extends a reassuring hand in warmth and friendship.  – Bernice Landry
Sean’s advice and guidance was tremendously important to me when I recently took my own leap. With Creators 2.0, he has distilled all the lessons from his journey into an inspiring, practical guide for anyone who is dreaming about or blazing a new path.Eric Portelance
This is an excellent guide for individuals (artists and other solopreneurs) who are trying to identify their passion and/or align it with purpose, and income! I highly recommend it. Heather Collins

In our quick fix, life-hack obsessed culture of speed, “Creators 2.0” is a refreshing read. There are so many desperate voices in today’s world selling opinions, expert advice, and 7-step remedies to magically fix all that ails us. The net end result - regret, disappointment, and disillusion. There are no shortcuts to creation - in business or in life.

Sean tells it like it is. Life is not always easy, but when we embrace the journey, we serve from a deeper place within. Here’s the deal. Kindness is contagious. Vulnerability is empowering. Integrity is truth. This is what the world needs. There are no life hacks for authenticity. "Creators 2.0" is all about creating from the heart in a way that serves a higher calling that leaves the world a better place. 

Get it. Read it. Act on it. Change the world! Deb Ozarko

This book lays out simple and accessible steps we can all use as a starting point to discovering our talents and explores how to combine them with the larger needs of the world. Whether our talents serve as our bread and butter or act as fulfilling hobbies, Sean Howard illustrates through his own personal journey why it is not only important to identify our talents but essential that we use them. This book was an inspiring reminder that the pilot light to our creative selves never really goes out. – N. Sark
Sean Howard has a soul with great depth and perception. Working with him and coming to know him like a brother has been both life affirming and life changing for me. His sharing of this book and his heart is inspirational and so in line with my own heart and viewpoint. I felt as I read his words that he was giving me tools to explore and grow. Instead of trying to convince me of some magic formula or that he had all the answers he does what any loving guide would have you do he sends you to look inward to listen and learn what your own body, heart, and mind are telling you.  To use practical wisdom and apply it with good old fashioned elbow grease to go after your dreams through fulfillment of ones purpose is the only way to find true satisfaction in our individual journey. No two people are the same therefore there is no one size fits all solution to our lives. Sean appreciates the balance of life and the uniqueness each one of us carries. Pairing this with his brilliant grasp of technology and marketing and you have a recipe for a feast of words that can only motivate and help the reader look inward on a path of true self discovery. – Mandy Ross

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