About Me

My professional journey has been an unusual one. I have been a juggler, a 3D artist, a programmer, a dog trainer, a digital strategist, a gaffer, a brand consultant and more.

These days I create fine art photography (see my artist statement), I host a podcast, I write and I consult. My clients are artists, philosophers, businesspeople, crafters and entertainers. They come from all walks of life but share an interest in the pursuit of something deeper and more meaningful.

I believe that a search for purpose is what unites all creators, that we are not alone. We are on a shared journey to unearth what truly matters for each of us.

I love meeting passionate people with compelling projects. So if you have something heartfelt and interesting brewing, give me a shout!

cell: 647 272 9361

Taking the Leap! Podcast

I am the creator and host of Taking the Leap!

This is a bi-weekly podcast that you can listen to on your computer, phone, ipod or other device. We explore the tools, insights and strategies for creators to find their purpose and do the work they were put on this planet to do. 

I believe that there is much to be learned from speaking to people on every part of this journey – from experiencing failure and loss to overcoming adversity.

My Books


Creators 2.0, How to Find Your Purpose, Build Sustainable Growth and Change the World.

It's time to stop mindlessly promoting our work and start building a community that will sustain us.

Speaking Engagements

I love to help people connect with their purpose, build sustainable enterprises and explore their unique passions and talents. My branding and digital marketing background allows me to cover a wide range of topics related to these themes.

Please see My Appearances for a list of past and upcoming engagements.

Please email or call 647 272 9361 to discuss your event.