Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

We live in a world filled with motivational rants that make it sound easy to just "follow your heart" or "live with passion". As if you can just motivate yourself to find what really matters - your vocation or your purpose.

The result can be a sense of apathy, disillusionment or even depression. Something must be wrong with us, the voice inside us says, but the exact opposite is true. Every single one of us is capable of living a life that means something and brings real value to ourselves and the world. 

"Vocation is the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s great hunger."
- Frederick Buechner

I put this PDF together to help share some of the tips I've used to begin moving forward on my new path - a path that scares the hell out of me but also fills me with a sense of fulfillment and opportunity.

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