How to Subscribe

Everything You Need to Know About My Podcast

What is a podcast?

Merriam Webster defines a podcast as a program (of music or talk) made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet. [1]

It's like a radio show, only you can listen to the episodes whenever you want and on any podcast enabled device. Some common places to listen to a podcast would be your phone, tablet, computer, or iPod. Some cars and TVs even let you listen to podcasts. When you subscribe to a podcast, new episodes are sent to you whenever they are released.

What is this podcast about?

I speak to people in all stages of the journey to find meaning and purpose. We explore the tools, insights and strategies that have helped them to do the work they were put on this planet to do. This show is about recognizing that while we each walk a slightly different path, we are not alone. We are united by a shared journey to unearth what truly matters in our lives and for the world.

How to subscribe?

If you currently listen to podcasts, then you already have a podcast app that you like. There are a lot of them. You should be able to find our show in all of them. Just search for "Taking the Leap!" and subscribe in your app and you should be good to go. I give a link to a few of the more common methods below.

You can subscribe with any of the following:

How To Subscribe in iTunes.

Start by clicking on the Available on iTunes link.

2. If you are on your computer, you will see the above page come up. Click the circled link for "View in iTunes".

3. Your computer will ask you if it is okay for your browser to launch iTunes. Accept this request (click "Launch Application") and iTunes will launch. It will open to the Taking the Leap! page. 

4. Click the "Subscribe" button and you will now see my podcast, Taking the Leap!, appear under podcasts. 

How to subscribe in Android?

I actually recommend you use an app on Android. You can use a third party app like the ones reviewed here. You should be able to search for Taking the Leap! and subscribe to my show in all of these.

If you are new to podcasts, I actually recommend you install my app. It's free and easy. See the section above titled "Get the Taking the Leap! App".