Commission a piece with your own image

My process accentuates the grain of the wood in the final piece, so it's important that the image and the piece of wood come together to form something greater. This works best when I have a few images to choose from. If you have only a single image for me to work from, it may take me much longer to find a piece of wood or lead to an inability to find a proper piece.

Quick facts on commissions:

  • Commissions run from $500 to $750 (CDN)
  • Final size is not known until the mid-stage, but will generally be between 12" and 17" wide (inches)
  • A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required to initiate the process
  • I send photos of the potential transfer for your approval. At this time I will be able to specify final dimensions.
  • Once approved, final payment is required and then I set to finishing your piece
  • Shipping is not included
  • It takes, on average, three to four weeks to complete a commission piece.
  • All pieces are coated with an archival quality UV protectant, but will fade if left in direct sunlight for a prolonged period
  • I will attempt at least twice to create a piece you adore. But if after two attempts, you don't wish to proceed to a finished piece, you acknowledge that I will keep your deposit to cover work to date.


The price is based on the finish of the piece. The type of wood and final size will be dependent on what pieces of wood are a best match for your image. 

Semi-gloss finish: $500 (CDN)

Full Gloss, Epoxy Resin finish: $750 (CDN)

There is a non-refundable $250 fee to initiate a commission. The remainder is due when you approve the in-progress photos I send you.

The Process: Kickoff

I will send you an invoice that you can pay online for the $250 to begin the fun!

We then schedule a consultation call to discuss what you are looking to have created. I ask that you send me a few shots you are interested in getting printed on wood and even shots of the room where you wish to hang the finished item prior to this call.

I then get to work, searching for the perfect match. Something where the grain of the wood is going to accentuate your image.

The Process: First Look to Delivery

Once I find a possible fit, I begin the transfer process. This can take a number of attempts. When I have a finished transfer that shows what I am seeing, I take some photos, like shown above. I send these to you along with the type of wood and final dimensions.

If you fall head over heels in love with it, we discuss the type of finish for this piece: glossy or semi-matte.

You pay the remainder, plus shipping and I set to finishing your art piece.

How to Commission A Piece!

Just email me and let me know you wish to commission a piece on wood. Include one or two lower-resolution images you are considering so I can send you my thoughts on what might make a great, one-of-a-kind wood transfer piece.